12 Days of Bacon: Day Five

On the fifth day of Christmas, my Bacon gave to meeeeee…

…crappy toys made by “elves” forced to work for freeeeee!

Leave it to Futurama to have a slightly more jaded take on the holiday season. In the year 2999, Christmas is a day of terror when Santabot comes to destroy good and bad little boys and girls alike. When the Planet Express team is sent to deliver a package to Santabot’s Neptune fortress, they inadvertently put the big guy out of commission and vow to return the joy to Christmas. Until they put Santabot’s Neptunian slaves back to work making toys for billions of children. The results are mixed at best.

To help someone enjoy a better Christmas than those getting the mediocre gorillas the Neptunians are turning out, visit the Toys for Tots website and sponsor a toy for a needy child.

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