12 Days of Bacon: Day Four

On the fourth day of Christmas, my Bacon gave to meeeee……a swap designed for Yaaaaankeeeeeees! (Not the baseball variety, necessarily.)

In the episode “Yankee Swap,” the drones of The Office prepare for their annual Christmas party (sadly sans booze, per company policy). When Michael feels the oven mitt Phyllis has knit for him isn’t as nice a gift as the video iPod he gave Ryan, he decrees a gift-switching game that hurts feelings and prevents Jim from giving Pam the carefully crafted, highly personal gift he’s brought for her.

You too can screw up your work Christmas party this year with your own version of Phyllis’ Knit Oven Mitt! We’re providing a felted version, as Phyllis has clearly sewn on extra fabric for protection, and we don’t believe in sewing. Note that you will need a yarn that is 100% animal fiber (usually wool or alpaca) to produce a felted item.


Mitt me! Or mitt me a picture!

Make it Christmasy by choosing your favorite holiday colors, or augment with a charted holiday symbol!

Now go forth and use your mad knitting skillz to make a Yankee Swap oven mitt; take it to work and make someone miserable with it.

You can also use your talents to make actual mittens (or other warm knit items) for Afghans for Afghans, a charity that provides hand-knit or -crocheted blankets and clothing to families in this war-torn country. Hey, look–they need newborn items right now. You can finish a newborn item! You could even stuff a newborn in a felted oven mitt if you had to!


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