12 Days of Bacon: Day Two

On the second day of Christmas, my Bacon gave to meeeeee……carols with David and Maddieeeeee!

Moonlighting broke the fourth wall a lot, and we love them for it. They also knew how to do a Christmas episode. At the end of “Twas the Episode Before Christmas,” David and Maddie lead us off the set to sing a touching carol with the show’s entire cast and crew and their families.

This is a tough holiday season for a lot of below-the-line crew who are out of work as the strike drags on, and we hope the Moonlighting “Noel” sends the message that we TV addicts know how important the crew is to the shows we love and that we are thinking of them. If such thoughts warm the cockles of your heart, you might consider donating to the Motion Picture and Television Fund, which–among other things–provides financial and other support to crew members and other industry professionals in times like these. Hope to see you all back to work after the holidays!


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