andersonmasterpiece.jpgAfter 37 years, PBS is updating its revered anthology series, Masterpiece Theatre. Starting next year the show will be split into three mini-seasons, each with its own name and host.

Masterpiece Classic will premiere on Jan. 13 with new host Gillian Anderson, already familiar to PBS fans for her turn as Lady Dedlock in Bleak House. The new series will showcase 10 programs through May, including adaptations of all six of Jane Austen’s novels; Cranford, a three-part miniseries starring Judi Dench; My Boy Jack, starring Daniel Radcliffe as the son of Rudyard Kipling; and a new adaptation of E.M. Forster’s A Room with a View by Andrew Davies (the scribe behind several of the new Austen adaptations, as well as the highly esteemed 1996 Pride and Prejudice).

Masterpiece Mystery! will debut in the summer, absorbing the Mystery! anthology series that has been a PBS fixture since 1980. In the fall, Masterpiece Contemporary will focus on dramas set in the present day. Hosts for the other two Masterpiece mini-seasons have yet to be announced.


3 thoughts on “PBS Updates MASTERPIECE THEATRE

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  2. I can’t remember the name of two shows on PBS in September called something like…..The Ruby and the Rose?? and a second one that carried the woman character forward. Can you help me? Thanks. Joan

  3. I think you’re probably thinking of “Ruby in the Smoke” and “Shadow in the North,” which PBS packaged as The Sally Lockhart Mysteries in reference to the lead character. They’re based on a series of Philip Pullman books of the same names.

    I’m getting a big smile from The Ruby and the Rose, as Sally Lockhart is played by British actress Billie Piper, perhaps best known for playing Rose Tyler on the new version of Doctor Who. So it really is a ruby and a Rose!

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