Somebody Bring the Man His *%!!#@ Figgy Pudding!


I suspect not everyone has access to the Travel Channel, but if you do, allow me to remind you that you really, really want to catch the Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations Holiday Special tonight. You might remember the fabulous Mr. Bourdain as the chef (would he prefer cook?)/author who lifted the curtain on the kitchen in Kitchen Confidential (there might be a little swearing going on in the back of your favorite restaurant. And maybe a little smoking. And for the love of all that’s holy, don’t touch the Sunday brunch buffet!). He’s since written more excellent books (check out the one on Typhoid Mary), popped up as a judge on Top Chef, and done a couple of fascinating shows featuring him traveling the world and eating…interesting stuff.

What could be happier than an Anthony Bourdain holiday special? An Anthony Bourdain holiday special where he cooks for the Queens of the Stone Age. While they wear Christmas sweaters purchased from QVC. I’m not kidding. You know you want to watch this, so find someone who has the Travel Channel and bring some figgy pudding, sheep testicles, and seal eyeball for holiday snacking to the party tonight at 10pm EST/PST.


One thought on “Somebody Bring the Man His *%!!#@ Figgy Pudding!

  1. I had never seen No Reservations until this weekend while folding laundry (although I have read the Typhoid Mary book which I went home with from Utah last January – really liked it!) and it was so fun. I’ll definitely catch this tonight! Thanks!

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