AMPTP Takes Its Toys and Goes Home

Exactly as predicted, the AMPTP has stormed away from the negotiating table again, breaking off contract talks and issuing a prickly press release attempting to focus blame on the WGA.

At the talks this afternoon the AMPTP presented a list of six key issues which it insisted be withdrawn completely before it would continue negotiations. When the WGA did not immediately acquiesce to this demand on the spot, the AMPTP walked away.

In its statement, the AMPTP claimed to be “puzzled and disheartened by an ongoing WGA negotiating strategy that seems designed to delay or derail talks.” Yet despite the moguls attempts to shift the blame, it seems clear that it’s the AMPTP who has been derailing these talks.

The WGA countered with a statement of its own, slamming the AMPTP’s ultimatum and insisting the writers are “ready and willing to negotiate, no matter how intransigent our bargaining partners are … When any of them are ready to return to the table, we’re here, ready to make a fair deal.”


2 thoughts on “AMPTP Takes Its Toys and Goes Home

  1. So, “negotiations” now means “come to the table ready to give into all my demands” instead of “I’m bringing a starting position that I know is not entirely tenable to you but that gives me leeway to bargain downward from it to something more acceptable to both of us”? Good to know.

    I would be interested to see more details on the WGA proposal concerning Internet revenue–people seem to be tossing around a lot of declarative statements without making it clear whether they’re talking about gross or net revenues. If the WGA proposal (that the other guilds would likely piggy-back onto) is asking for a percentage of net profits, how could that possibly result in the studios paying out more than they are taking in?

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