CBS Plans Edited Broadcasts of DEXTER


CBS president Leslie Moonves told reporters at UBS’ Global Media & Communications Conference in New York that the network is planning to re-broadcast some series that air on its Showtime cable unit. “Dexter is probably the first one to go on–with some edits,” Moonves said. “It fits with our crime shows.” The blood-spattered series has become a critical and ratings success for Showtime, but might need more than a little editing to tone down the language and gore.

In addition to Dexter, CBS also is considering Showtime’s racy period drama The Tudors, which originally was developed for CBS, and the critically praised dark comedy Weeds, about a pot-peddling soccer mom. Both shows commonly feature nudity and graphic sex, and since the FCC has traditionally cracked down on these vices while becoming increasingly lenient towards graphic violence, they may prove far harder to clean up for network broadcast than the viscera-laden Dexter.


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