THE AMAZING RACE: Counting 1, Casual Bigotry 0

The Amazing Race

Some recent seasons of The Amazing Race have been criticized for silly tasks, spoonfed directions, and general lack of good race planning (and justifiably, too–Hong Kong=kung fu stunts? Really? That’s all you can come up with?). This season, however, has seen interesting and culturally appropriate tasks, twisty navigation, and the kind of course that rewards paying attention, for which I can only say thank you. Flying from Ouagadougou to make deliveries in Vilnius (go ahead–say it in Sean Connery’s voice. You know you want to.), topping it all off with having to walk on stilts or count fence posts at a Lithuanian festival? More, please!

Or maybe this season just seems like it’s a high point because of the reemergence of perceived in-race justice. While the pink-haired Dating Goths continue to find delight or compassion in everything around them and finish well, the CW rejects are shown the door. No, the CW rejects didn’t run out of luck because they used a game-sanctioned delaying tactic on other racers last week–they ran out of luck because they’d waltzed around the world holding their noses and regretting their missed manicures. Carrying all of that casual bigotry around in your heads (along with memories of dating The Seacrest) will make it hard to do draining intellectual tasks like reading a map and counting, ladies. We won’t miss you.

Tune in next week to see if Perssimistic Dad can hold his own intestines in and Toxic Dating Couple continue to weigh themselves down with superlatives (“You’ve become the worst person ever! This is the hardest thing I’ve ever done! I can’t imagine anything worse! Not even gay minotaurs!”).


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