Billie Piper Returning to DOCTOR WHO


The BBC reports that actress Billie Piper will reprise her role as Rose on three season four episodes of Doctor Who. Piper left the show at the end of season two, when her character was transported into a parallel universe. A separate show based on Rose had been planned by writer and series producer Russell T Davies, but was scrapped when Davies decided the program was “a spin-off too far.” It’s not clear if Rose’s return means we’ll get to see more of Noel Clarke as Rose’s boyfriend Mickey or Camille Coduri as her mother.

It’ll be a busy season for the Doctor, who will have four different companions this year. Soon after last year’s finale, it was announced that Catherine Tate, who played a guest stint in the 2006 Christmas special “The Runaway Bride,” would be returning to the TARDIS. Freema Agyeman’s Martha left the show after the third season, but will appear in three episodes of spinoff Torchwood, and is expected to return to the Doctor’s side sometime in the upcoming season of Doctor Who. But first, the Doctor will return to television screens in the U.K. at Christmas, with a special set on the Titanic and co-starring singer and actress Kylie Minogue.


11 thoughts on “Billie Piper Returning to DOCTOR WHO

  1. Hmm. I…hmm. I don’t know how I feel about this. Don’t get me wrong–I loved Rose, and I think it’s nearly a miracle Billie Piper was so good in the role, but…getting a little crowded on the Tardis, isn’t it? (I know, I know–it’s bigger on the inside.) More to the point, doesn’t it kind of undercut how wrenching their separation was supposed to be if they’re not, you know, separated?


  2. Kylie Minogue, Catherine Tate, Freema Agyeman and Billie Piper = four. Although Minogue’s stint will be admittedly short-lived.

  3. Hmm redux. Perhaps they won’t (besides Minogue, who obviously won’t) overlap? Maybe Martha won’t be around when Rose is (which might be for the best on several levels)? I’m not sure that comforts me.

  4. There are only a very few ways they could make this work well and a whole lot more ways this could go wrong. I’m hoping for the best with Rose’s return.

    I wrote more thoughts about this on my blog too that you’re welcome to check out if you like.



  5. I am ‘VERY’ saddened to hear that ‘Rose Tyler’ will be leaving the show! That is pretty much one of the main reasons that I watch the series as I really enjoy her as an actress (also in the ‘Jane Austen’ series, ‘Mansfield Park’). I just recently found the show when the series began with Rose’s character with Christopher Eccelston and now (sorry Christopher) I love the NEW DOCTOR better and I cannot imagine him with a new companion!!! I also love Rose’s mother’s character and her boyfriend Mickey. PLEASE, PLEASE leave ‘ROSE’ in the series!!! I will not be watching when/if she goes off the show!
    SAD, SAD, SAD!!!

  6. (waving hi to Kelly)

    But here’s the good news–she’ll be back! Don’t give up hope! (and don’t give up on the new companion–I like her with Doctor #10 quite a lot. It helps that he’s really good.)

    You bring up a great point about the affiliated characters, though–if Rose is coming back, I hope we get lots of Jackie, too!

  7. I’m happy to see that Billie Piper is reprising her role as Rose Tyler. David Tennant and Christopher Eccleston worked very well with her and I thought she was a fun character. My only hope is that Russel T. Davies writes Rose’s return in a smart, creative way. And although I like Freema Agymen as Martha, and Catherine Tate as Donna, I do hope that not all the companions are squished into the final episodes at once, because then, in my opinion, it would just be too many people to really pay attention to what’s happening in the plot. The companion doesn’t make the show, and with so many different ideas of who should ultimately be with the Doctor, all anyones going to be thinking in the finale is, “Who’s he going to choose?”

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