Squee (the First)! It’s…

Squee! It’s Scott Thompson! Susannah’s been taking the hit for TV Bacon and checking out Carpoolers, but even I might have to tune in tonight for the historic Kids in the Hall reunion (granted, Bruce McCullough may only be behind the camera, but…Kids in the Hall!) You may also remember the delightful Mr. Thompson as Hank’s personal assistant on The Larry Sanders Show. You should check out both of those shows, available to some extent on DVD; I am now going to go weep quietly in the corner over the demise of genius short-form comedy.


One thought on “Squee (the First)! It’s…

  1. I feel that I should go on record and say that Carpoolers is not that bad. I’ve been known laugh two, maybe even three time in an episode. I’d write it up into a review, but it’s neither bad enough nor good enough to inspire me.

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