WGA Strike Weekend Roundup

After Friday’s big rally at Fox, things quieted down a little on the strike front over the weekend. Out on the streets, anyway. Indoors, the blogosphere was on fire with strike talk, as frustrated writers channeled their energies into web posts and op-eds.

To start with, we’ve got first-hand accounts of Friday’s rally at Fox from John Aboud, Ken Levine, and John August.

Then several people commented on the startling lack of media coverage of Friday’s rally, including Deadline Hollywood Daily’s Nikki Finke and an anonymous writer.


The WGA-W has updated its picketing strategy for the week, scheduling six concentrated days of picketing as we go into the Thanksgiving holiday and planning several theme days.

In honor Veteran’s Day (which is also a school holiday for many), today is doubling as Bring a Veteran to Strike Day as well as Bring Your Kids to Strike Day. Expect many adorable photos of kids holding picket signs and American flags. Strike captains are also expected to be collecting donations for veteran’s assistance groups, in honor of the holiday.

Tomorrow the WGA is coordinating with SAG to roll out Bring a Celebrity to Strike Day, ensuring lots of exciting photo ops of our favorite cast members on the line.

And last but not least, Friday is Battlestar Galactica Day, as fans already in town for a convention are expected to rally outside Universal with their favorite writing staff.

Over at WGA-E, they’ll be hitting Wall Street on Tuesday and massing at the Fifth Avenue World of Disney store on Wednesday.

Oh, and while everyone was busy with the strike last week, NBC quietly launched Direct Download, a new way for them to make money on the Internet. Money that they won’t have to share to with any of the people who actually created the content. Also, Broadway stagehands went on strike Saturday, so if you live in New York you might want to renew your library card.

In other news, Ellen Degeneres is in trouble with the WGA-E. And though it was rumored that Fox was going to fire all its showrunners for failing to cross the picket line, it looks like they just were just suspended without pay.

On the positive side, there’s a chance several top Hollywood agencies are quietly working to bring the WGA and AMPTP back to the bargaining table.

And finally, Ask a Ninja suggests some new names for the WGA because, “If the Dragon Claw Fire Horde comes and asks me for four more cents, I think I’m going to give it to them.”


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