THE AMAZING RACE: The Cat’s in the (Muddy) Cradle

The Amazing Race
Horrors! The lesbian ministers, despite exhibiting the terribly reasonable position that God probably doesn’t care if they win a million dollars on a reality show, have gone the way of all flesh. The way of all slow flesh. They were not quick.

Perhaps more awful yet is the pair that gets to stay. My beloved father/daughter team, pushed to the limit by race-induced stress on the second leg, spiral downward. Ronald, you can’t make a big deal about how this race will allow you to make up for all the parts of your daughter’s childhood you missed and at the same time berate her for what a disappointment she is. You have to choose a task or you can’t move on in the race–don’t hold your daughter accountable for that. There had best be a major redemption arc in the making, or I’ll be the one giving lectures about how disappointed I am.

In other news, heavily painted Goths, CW rejects, and mostly-nude grandpas trying and failing to pole vault over mud will never, ever get old. Next week: leaving climes where English is widely spoken? A girl can dream…


2 thoughts on “THE AMAZING RACE: The Cat’s in the (Muddy) Cradle

  1. Is it wrong that I look forward to your TAR recaps? My favorite moment was the guy Goth (I think? And my fingers hurt if I type their names) at the roadblock saying, “It has something to do with sheep,” then the amazing editors giving us a shot of the cute little lamb when, in fact, the sheep were just spectators to the muddy mess.

  2. I was sorely tempted to do the entire recap in the lamb’s voice. Abandoned that plan when I realized the sheep had no insight into airport manipulation. 🙂

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