WGA Strike Day Five


Writers plotting a freaky Friday on Fox lot
Throw in a mass rally outside your gates and rumors of a Teamsters work stoppage, and there could be a run on the office aspirin supply.

Writers strike hits Hollywood workers
Like many of the lighting directors, prop masters and other support staff attached to network shows, Hodges will be looking for work outside the entertainment industry and may not be available to return to TV work, even when production resumes.

Timestamp for WGA scripts
WGA West screenwriters and TV scribes whose unproduced material has been shopped or purchased by a studio have until Friday to turn in their scripts and outlines.

WGA uses YouTube to state case
The WGA might be concerned about how network and studio content on the Internet has cut into its revenue, but in setting up its own YouTube page and blog, the guild has decided to harness the power of the medium to get its message out.

Yes, Tune In Tomorrow: No Soap Reruns for Now
Because the episodes of daytime dramas are mapped out so far in advance, the networks will soon have to confront the question of whether to entrust the intricacies of their forthcoming plots to the unseasoned pens of executives and producers, or writers who are not part of the union. That is what happened in 1988, when a strike by the same union, the Writers Guild of America, dragged on for more than five months.

Writers Strike Also a Producers Lock Out as Studios Look to Trim Fat
studio bosses are using the strike, or are poised to use the job action, as a way to get rid of producing, writing and development deals they consider unproductive, along with people no longer in favor with management and an associated army of assistants, aides and support staff, many of whom have already been locked out of their offices.

UK TV writers warned on strikebreaking
The Writers Guild of Great Britain has pitched into the Hollywood battle over digital distribution rights, calling for UK writers to support the strike and not supply material to US broadcasters.

B.C.-based U.S. TV series to shut down
The writers’ strike will have a “colossal effect” here unless it is resolved quickly, said Shawn Williamson, co-partner of Brightlight Pictures.

Networks look for fresh ways to air reruns
Across the television world, programming executives are plotting to find the best way to parcel out reruns in the manner of a farmer preparing for a drought. And once they settle on the episodes, they’re seeking creative ways to make the old seem fresh.

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And finally, we leave you with this hilarious video, courtesy of the WGA YouTube channel:


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