Thursday Newsapalooza

  • The Sun speculatates about Kylie Minogue’s upcoming Doctor Who guest spot. At least one of our favorite shows is still in production. (SyFy Portal)
  • Tim Kring apologizes for Heroes’ season two suckatude. That’s great, but who do I talk to about season one? (Entertainment Weekly)
  • In possibly our last casting news for a long time, Whedonverse alum Gina Torres gets a Dirty Sexy Money guest spot in just under the wire. (TV Guide)
  • Fox reshuffles its lineup again. 24 postponed indefinitely; Bones sentenced to Fridays starting in January. (TV Guide)
  • Did viewers reject the new fall season even before the strike started? (L.A. Times)
  • NBC’s Ben Silverman calls ABC Entertainment president “a moron.” Hair pulling to follow. (Esquire)

2 thoughts on “Thursday Newsapalooza

  1. Kring would not have been wrong if he had taken that approach. Heroes is an interesting example of how the medium matters, though–it often really does look like it would be better as a comic book.

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