Your Squad Isn’t Geek Enough to Help Me

Or perhaps it is too geek, Best Buy. I structured my entire buying strategy for today’s release of the Doctor Who Season 3 DVDs around your advertised price, which was the same as Amazon’s and would put the DVDs in my sweaty little palms today. That’s doing one’s homework, right? And one should be rewarded with her DVDs for doing her homework, right?

11:05: Freed momentarily from professional obligations, am giving up good parking space and a lunch hour to run to Best Buy. Yippee!

11:20: Best Buy. No sign of cute Nerd Herdish cars. Employees are less helpful than Sock and Morgan put together as they bemoan that their location didn’t even get Flight of the Conchords. No sign of the Doctor, either. Is the Geek Squad so geeky that they bought all of the copies themselves in the 80 minutes since Best Buy opened? This is not toward.

11:28: Circuit City. A bigger mess than Best Buy. No Doctor.

11:29: Despair–should’ve dealt with the two-day lag and gone with trustworthy Amazon.

11:30: Ooh! Just remembered an FYE down the street.

11:34: FYE. 8 bazillion copies of Spider-Man 3 (or 12 or whatever it is). No Doctor Who. Woe.

11:35: You cannot make me go to Wal-Mart.

11:37: You cannot make me go to Wal-Mart.

11:41: Wal-Mart. Not even a space for Doctor Who on the shelf, despite the fact that it’s advertised on their website for the same price as Amazon and Best Buy. Great–now can feel dirty and not have a DVD.

11:43: To add insult to injury, cannot locate car in Wal-Mart parking lot despite one side still being crunched in from run-in with marauding teenagers.

11:44: To add injury to insult, may have just pulled groin dodging old lady’s shopping cart in Wal-Mart parking lot while being unable to locate car and not having a Doctor Who DVD. Brings to mind the late, lamented Dave Blackwell, who used to say, “Back in my day, we had groins, but we didn’t pull them.” Temporarily cheered up by semi-dirty joke.

12:01: Barnes and Nobel has DVDs–huzzah! Barnes and Noble is charging $40 more for DVDs than other outlets. Thwarted again!

There’s another Best Buy in the next town over, and another further down the road if necessary, plus a Borders and (although I am not confident about this one) a Target I can hit post-afternoon professional obligations. Oh, and an election concerning the entire future of our state’s education system to vote in, if there’s time. A girl has to have priorities.


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