More on the WGA Strike

tina_fey_2.jpg Pencils Down: A statement of solidarity from showrunners
So, just to be absolutely clear: In the event of a strike, we, the following showrunners, will do no writing and no story breaking — nor will any be asked of our writing staffs — until we get a deal.

TV Week: Daniels Pickets ‘Office’ Production
“We’re trying to shut down ‘The Office,’” Mr. Daniels said. “We have the star of our show and the entire writing staff behind us.”

Watch With Kristin: Hold on to Your Couch Cushions: The Writers’ Strike Is Here
Bottom line: We’ll have our shows all this month for November sweeps, then we’ll notice a dip in new programming (as usual) in December. Then come January or February, we’ll feel it big.

Popmatters: What a screenwriters strike could mean to you
As one agent told Variety, “If Fox has to shut down a show like `K-Ville’ in the middle of filming the seventh episode, they might just decide it makes more sense to simply cancel it.”

LA Times: The TV Grid
A look at exactly where your favorite shows stand, organized into an easy-to-read grid.

LA Times: WGA on strike blog
Updated throughout the day, the latest on who’s saying what in Hollywood and New York.


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