Squee! It’s…

Squee! It’s Whedonalia everywhere! In addition to the news of Joss Whedon’s return to network TV with the Dollhouse project, he directed the “Branch Wars” episode of The Office airing tonight (if there’s anything as wacky as Meredith stuck in a garbage bag with a bat, I shall be a very happy girl indeed). In addition, David Denman is guesting on Grey’s Anatomy. While he might most recently be known as Pam’s Jim-bashing ex on The Office, he too is a member of the Whedonverse–don’t forget Skip, the Matrix-loving, football-diagramming, expository demon on Angel. Triple Whedonosity!


4 thoughts on “Squee! It’s…

  1. Okay, I TOTALLY did not realize that David Denman was Skip!

    And on “Dollhouse” did the premise make anyone else think about what all they were doing to River on “Firefly.”

  2. I’m more stunned at how long it’s taken to get Joss back to tv.

    I haven’t watched Grey’s since S2, but I do know the bartender at the club bar they all go to played Clem, which is something that drove me crazy because I knew his voice, but he was unrecognizable under all those folds of skin.

    We should have Six-Degrees of Joss.

  3. Wait, Joe the Bartender was *Clem*? My mind, she is blown. I’m going to nag Susannah until I can get her to use her mad graphics skillz to track Six Degrees of Joss.

    What a good catch on River–I would totally watch an alt-universe “The Adventures of River Tam in the Service of An Alliance That May or May Not Be Good,” so I’ll be really delighted if that’s like unto “Dollhouse”.

  4. If I’m not mistaken, Joe the Bartender was a different demon on Buffy. Some other guy with three names played Clem.

    I’ve never quite been able to reconcile Roy Anderson with Skip the Demon, though. I mean, I know it’s true, but when I rewatch I just can’t quite believe it.

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